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Posted March 3rd, 2013

We love recruitment. It's in our DNA. It's what makes us 'tick'. In our recruitment blog, not only will you find a collection of DaXtra's own expertise and insight into the recruitment world, but we will also share other global recruitment topics that will enrich your knowledge - and understanding - of how to optimise your own recruitment processes.

At DaXtra we know the recruitment industry like the back of our hand. That's why our CV/Resume & Job Parsing and CV/Resume Search & Match technology is used by thousands of recruiters globally to give them the competitive advantage in the hunt for the best talent - and finding them first.
But we also like to share what we know: after all, 'knowledge is power' and we think that there is no fun in keeping it all to ourselves! If you like what you read - then why not share it with others. We also welcome your feedback and comments. You can also follow us on Twitter or on Linkedin. More to follow soon folks! The DaXtra team

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