Australia Now Benefits From DaXtra's Parsing

Posted June 20th, 2010

Peoplebank Australia has signed an agreement with DaXtra Technologies to use the UK company’s world-leading software for automating the analysis of job applicants’ information and skill sets.

Based on initial experiences, Peoplebank Australia estimates that the platform will speed its analytic processes by around 80%, giving the recruiter faster speed-to-market and reducing its teams’ administrative loads.

DaXtra’s CandidateCapture platform (now known as DaXtra Capture) automatically creates and updates candidate database records, by undertaking semantic analysis that extracts meaningful information on key parameters such as qualifications, years and recency of experience.

CandidateCapture fully automates the processing of resumes, as they arrive, and promises accuracy above 90% in its analysis – a level that approaches human accuracy standards.

With the implementation process now complete, DaXtra’s CandidateCapture program works ‘in the background’ on Peoplebank Australia’s existing systems, integrating with the recruiter’s CRM database and admin platforms, and without the requirement for additional user training.
Using the platform, business processes around analysing applicants’ resumes and matching candidates with relevant jobs – processes that once took hours – can now be completed in minutes. This frees Peoplebank Australia’s recruiters to focus on value-added services, as well responding more quickly to client briefs.
Peoplebank Australia’s CEO, Peter Acheson anticipates that the new platform will also allow it to continue to grow its database of IT workers – already one of the region’s largest – without slowing its recruitment processes.
“Our customers judge us on outcomes – that is, our speed to market, the calibre of candidates we put forward and the levels of professional support we provide.
We’re implementing the DaXtra platform to boost those outcomes, with greater speed to market – via faster analysis of job applicants’ skills and more rapid matching of available candidates to jobs – which is of particular importance when placing contract IT workers.
“Moreover, this platform frees our account managers to focus on providing our higher-end professional services, such as career advice and strategic HR planning, to customers and candidates. The end result, we believe, will be to sharpen our competitive edge in the Australian IT recruitment marketplace,” Acheson added.
Stephen Blackmore, BDM from DaXtra said, “DaXtra has been developing its platform and global customer base for more than a decade. Just two months ago, however, we launched a number of significant upgrades, including adding Chinese and Japanese language support to the numerous list of European languages that the platform already covers, as well as further strengthening the parsing engine.”
“They are our first direct Australian customer to take full advantage of this upgraded platform in conjunction with our newest CRM Partner, Bullhorn. We look forward to CandidateCapture helping the recruiter gain competitive advantage in the Australian marketplace,” he said.

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