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Webinar | Thurs, April 14, 2022 | 11:00 am ET

In these times of talent shortages and fierce competition, your established sourcing practices may be flatlining. It’s time to approach sourcing with a new mindset, adopt new tools and eliminate the perception of being a commodity.

In this webinar, How to stand out as a recruiter in a candidate-driven market, Chris Wirt from Daxtra Technologies and Clark Willcox from Recruiter Accelerator, discuss creative strategies and technologies that can help you go from being just another recruiter in a candidate’s inbox to their go-to person who can help map out their career.

These two experts will share some of their inside knowledge so you’ll walk away from this webinar with information that can help you:

  • Get better candidates to your clients or recruiting manager faster
  • Use data to stop wasting time on unproductive outreach
  • Compose messaging that conveys benefits to prospects
  • Automate workflows with software that finds quality candidates quicker than your competitors
  • Reduce candidate ghosting

Learn from professionals who have been in the trenches and work every day sharing their knowledge and experience helping recruiters solve these problems. This webinar will provide insight into the different tools and strategies used to conduct highly successful candidate searches with better returns.

Are you interested in finding better candidates in higher numbers? If so, tune in for half an hour to gain a better understanding of new and innovative ways to search for candidates.

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