Webinar: Wednesday 21st April at 3:00pm BST

Recruiters are processing more applications than ever before. Over the past twelve months, we've heard plenty of stories of job adverts that before the pandemic would attract 20-50 applicants, now receiving ten times that number.
The volume of applications means you have more data to organise and sort through, often with reduced staffing levels. You need to find ways to help your recruiters automate tedious and repetitive tasks to give them time to focus on the human element of recruitment - building relationships with your candidates and clients.
There are candidate engagement tools available that can help you build these relationships, but to get the most out of them, you need to ensure you consistently update your talent pool with good, structured data. 
In our webinar Building a successful tech stack: How good data fuels recruitment automation, DaXtra’s Adrian Farthing and David Mercer will show how automation underpins a successful recruitment process. During this webinar you’ll learn:
  • How good data fuels your candidate engagement tools
  • How recruitment automation can streamline your tech stack
  • What the key stages of the recruitment automation journey look like
Let us know your questions or bring them along so we can answer them live on the webinar.
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