Playing Fair — Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

How technology can help remove bias from the hiring process
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Adopting a non-biased approach to recruiting has become a crucial part of the hiring process. It creates a more productive and profitable work environment. 

In our eBook, Playing Fair: Unconscious Bias in Recruitment, we identify types of unconscious bias and look at what you can do to eliminate these from your hiring process. Learn how creating a more impartial, stronger recruitment process can benefit your business in many ways, including your bottom line.

How? Technology can play a huge role in creating a stronger sourcing and hiring process, less clouded by bias. We reveal solutions that give you the ability to:

  • Perform searches without bias using automated sourcing solutions
  • Receive intelligently ranked results based on skills, education and experience
  • Conduct blind hiring by removing personal information from candidate applications and resumes
  • Maintain necessary diversity and inclusion compliance data 

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