RecTech Acronyms & Initialisms Cheat Sheet

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The Recruiting Technology Terms you should know

You know you've seen them, and may even use them, but what do these acronyms and initialisms mean?  

Regularly in the Recruitment Technology industry we hear new words, specifically initialisms and acronyms. We’ve heard of ERP, SaaS, SOAP, CV, API, CRM, ATS, RMS, XML... but do we really know what they stand for?
Emphasis on brevity in writing, texting and even speaking, along with complex technology terminology has led to many more abbreviations in the recruitment industry. 
These terms and their definitions are helpful information to know, or even to be used as a resource or refresher! 

Download this handy reference guide to learn more about the shortened terminology used in the recruiting technology industry. Here is our handy Cheat Sheet of RecTech Acronyms and Initialisms.

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