The Recruiter's Guide to LLMs and Generative AI

Recruiters Guide to Gen AI_Final-images-0LLMs and generative AI have made a splash in all industriesand recruiting is no exception. 

It's clear that generative AI isn't going anywhere. LinkedIn found that 62% of recruiting professionals expressed optimism about AI's impact on recruitment.

This white paper will help you unpack how generative AI could impact the recruiting industry, and understand how you could implement LLM technology into your workflows. It covers: 

  • What generative AI is, and how recruiters are using it 
  • Why generative AI and LLMs increased in popularity 
  • Things recruiters should look out for when evaluating LLM tools 
  • How LLMs will impact the recruiting industry in the future 
  • Steps to leverage generative AI in your recruiting workflows

Start your generative AI journey today by downloading the white paper. 

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