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DaXtra and TextUs

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Automate your candidate engagement process with click-to-call and SMS texting 

DaXtra has partnered with TextUs to further automate your recruitment processes through DaXtra's candidate matching and the TextUs SMS and click-to-call candidate engagement platform, helping you save time and money while driving revenue.

As the most popular business texting platform for staffing and recruiting firms TextUs helps your recruiters:

  • Get ahold of candidates 10x faster
  • Broadcast jobs to 100s of candidates
  • Build better relationships
  • Place candidates faster

By combining these technologies, recruiters can search across their databases and external resume sites with DaXtra Search, then communicate through SMS campaigns with candidates, using the TextUs real-time communication platform, all from within your CRM or ATS. This eases the chore of locating and engaging with passive candidates or those candidates who can be difficult to reach.

DaXtra’s search and match technology provides automated three-way matching and the option to take full control over your specified target skill sets. These tools allow for automated matching of jobs to candidates, candidates to jobs, candidates to candidates or the ability to use your own Boolean searches to identify specific skill sets. Used in conjunction with the TextUs cloud-based business texting platform, staffing professionals are then able to automate a texting campaign to reach out to each matched candidate.

Together, DaXtra and TextUs create an unbeatable combination that improve recruiter productivity and ultimately save money.

About TextUs 

TextUs is the world's leading real-time communication platform reinventing how businesses communicate with their leads, candidates, and customers. With 10x the response rate of traditional communication, TextUs empowers professionals to provide a one-to-one connection to their customers, engage contacts with personal outreach, and dramatically accelerate the way business is done.