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DaXtra and Sense

Maximize your resources and transform your hiring funnel with Sense and DaXtra automation.

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Sense and DaXtra together supercharge recruiting teams to streamline sourcing, reduce time-to-hire, and improve retention by seamlessly sourcing, matching, and engaging top talent and clients.

Staffing firms industry-wide experience significant drop-off rates throughout the talent lifecycle, wasting time and money. Through the combined automation power of Sense and DaXtra, staffing firms can fill these gaps and effectively source, match, and engage talent to place faster, decrease talent drop-off, and improve retention.

For open roles and job orders, DaXtra automatically searches new and existing records, matching top talent based on skills and important criteria. DaXtra solutions and Sense automation together can even re-activate dormant talent sitting in your database to maximize your resources and reduce top-of-funnel spend further.

All matched shortlists are automatically synced with Sense, triggering automated emails or texts to candidates for customized outreach and screening. Capitalizing on newly matched talent and confirming interest quickly helps your recruiters target their time to the most qualified and available candidates in their queue.

Every talent response is recorded, triggering status changes and relaying alerts to recruiters to let them know when a match is confirmed, available, and interested. Your team’s time is critical, and automation can help them make faster placements and increase your revenue.

Sense not only powers growth at the top of the funnel with DaXtra but also continues to drive retention and savings across the entire talent lifecycle with continuous, automated on-assignment check-ins, NPS surveys, redeployment and referral workflows, and a native two-way texting platform.

See how Sense and DaXtra transform your hiring, candidate engagement, and beyond with the power of innovative technology and full-cycle automation.

About Sense 

Sense is the automated communication and engagement technology chosen by the world’s leading staffing firms. From candidate engagement to recruitment marketing; from two-way texting for recruiters to NPS; Sense is the trusted system of engagement that seamlessly integrates with DaXtra and your ATS or system of record. Sense turbocharges recruiting, marketing and sales teams to dramatically improve time-to-hire, lower contractor attrition and increase redeployment