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Make Bullhorn even better with Daxtra

Take your Bullhorn experience to the next level with Daxtra’s intelligent automation and AI search and match technology. Directly integrating into Bullhorn, our powerful resourcing tools and fully automated workflow solutions will increase your competitive advantage. 

Allen BHLP"Recruiters can see the data in one simple place—Daxtra loads the job and loads the data, recruiters click search, and that’s it. With Daxtra, you don’t have to leave the platform - everything you need is there. Process results, filter, rank, add them to a shortlist or tearsheet – that’s the power of Daxtra. Nobody else does that." Brian Cunningham, Managing Director at Allen Recruitment Consulting

We've been a Bullhorn Marketplace partner since 2010. Since then we've been helping Bullhorn customers solve challenges in the recruitment process, such as finding the best candidates quickly and reducing the time their recruiters spend on admin tasks. How can our technology help you?

Intelligent automation

Automatically load incoming resumes into Bullhorn with Daxtra Capture

  • Create new records with rich, structured data
  • Update and deduplicate existing records
  • Build a database of clean data to power your further automation tools, such as Bullhorn Automation

Quanta BHLP““By implementing Daxtra Capture we have increased the number of CVs in Bullhorn. Daxtra Capture can automatically code CVs as they are loaded into our CRM. The amount of time saved on routine administrative tasks with Daxtra is fantastic - our consultants can now focus on tasks such as calling clients and candidates." Andy Hale, IT Manager at Quanta part of QCS Staffing.

AI search and match

Quickly find the best candidates using natural language technology with Daxtra Search Nexus

  • Search across Bullhorn and online talent communities, without leaving your Bullhorn database
  • Match candidates to jobs based on the context of their experience and skills
  • View the best candidates first with results intelligently ranked by context

Allen lo res logo“If Daxtra Search Nexus says a candidate is number one, that candidate is number one. You don’t have to search through hundreds of candidates. It’s like magic. But, you also have the ability to see starred rankings of candidates to provide transparency in the ranking process, so you know which candidates are a good match and why—that is huge.” Brian Cunningham, Managing Director at Allen Recruitment Consulting

Resume formatting

Save time by automating production of branded resumes with Daxtra Styler

  • Automatically brand and format resumes in your house style
  • Anonymize resumes by redacting candidate personal information

C4 Technical Services logo 300Before, processing resumes was taking a great deal of time. Now, we’re saving significant time and money with Daxtra.” Jeff Eddins at C4 Technical Services, who have saved 22 hours a month on processing resumes since implementing Daxtra.



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