How to Choose a CV/Resume Parser

A guide to helping you select the right parsing solution for your business

Choosing the right parsing software for your business is essential.

It’s essential if you're looking to free up your recruiters' time and maximize the number of placements you make from your database. 

If your database contains incomplete, inaccurate data, you risk marketing unsuitable roles to candidates. This wastes your marketing spend and often can lead to your recruiters relying too heavily on external platforms for sourcing candidates.

The right parsing solution can help ensure that all the CV/resume and job data you receive is converted into a format ready for loading and storage within your database, helping you build a talent pool of up-to-date candidates that your recruiters can contact.

With so many parsing solutions on the market and most recruitment CRMs having some form of built-in parsing technology, how do you choose the right parser and evaluate whether you're getting ROI from your current parsing software?

Our guide, How to Choose a CV/Resume Parser, will help you answer these questions and give you the information you need to choose the best parsing solution.

Inside we go through:

  • The selection criteria you need to know about about when selecting a parser
  • The two key measurements you need to know to accurately assess if a parser is suitable for your business
  • How you can ‘test’ the quality of a parser to make sure the claims a vendor make are legitimate

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