Format resumes to your house style in seconds

Automate production of branded resumes with DaXtra Styler

Stand out from the crowd with professional candidate resumes created in a fraction of the time it would take to prepare them manually.

  • Cost Saving: instant direct savings on resume preparation
  • Time Saving: all resumes automatically prepared, ready to check and send
  • Brand Consistency: your resumes reflect your professional identity.

Eliminate the need to prepare resumes manually in a corporate or house style by automating the application of branding and styling to your incoming resumes.

DaXtra Styler:

  • Removes key contact details to anonymize the resume
  • Adds your corporate logo
  • Adds your consultant or office contact information
  • Adds your standard terms and conditions
  • Adds a cover sheet
  • Completes a candidate profile.

Reduce the administrative burden of your recruitment process, ensure brand recognition and focus your time on what is really important - selling the candidate to your client.

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