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As a long-standing integration Marketplace Partner with Bullhorn, DaXtra Technologies is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Bullhorn’s Premier Global Staffing & Recruiting Conference Series, Engage Boston, at Booth #20.

Currently, the National Unemployment Rate is at 3.8%, meaning there are fewer available workers for each job opening. How will you stay competitive in finding candidates to fill open positions on the market? This requires developing a recruiting process with the perfect mix of technologies, strategies and creative solutions to attract the very best talent out there.

DaXtra Technologies is able to offer to you our state-of-the-art recruitment solutions in high accuracy, multilingual resume and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies, all seamlessly integrated within your Bullhorn CRM.

Our innovative and evolving technology has rocked the recruitment world with products like:

DaXtra Search
DaXtra Capture
DaXtra Magnet
Apply & Match

Get the most powerful recruitment workflow tools and maximize the value of your Bullhorn recruitment database and the business processes that drive it by taking advantage of DaXtra’s automated recruiting software.

Learn how DaXtra’s automated recruiting expertise can transform your recruitment process! Schedule a one-on-one discussion or demo at Engage-Boston, with one of our knowledgeable reps, by filling out this form.

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