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Engage London 2019 Gold PartnerAs a long-standing Bullhorn Marketplace Partner, DaXtra is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at Bullhorn’s leading European recruitment conference - Engage London 2019.

With a compressed labour pool, how do you stay competitive in finding the right candidates to fill your open positions? This requires developing a recruiting process with the perfect mix of strategy, technology and creative solutions to attract the very best talent available.

DaXtra provides intelligent recruitment solutions, fully integrated with Bullhorn to give you the competitive edge:

  • powerful search and match technology that intelligently finds and ranks candidates - DaXtra Search
  • automation software which uses high accuracy, multilingual parsing to enhance candidate profiles with rich structured data in seconds - DaXtra Capture.

Bullhorn customer Richard Krause, VP of Operations at INT Technologies comments: "With DaXtra Search, what it really came down to was the quality and quantity of the results. There was no contest - the results were significant. Because of those results, we’re finding our recruiters are utilizing the tools more."

Learn how DaXtra’s search and automation solutions can maximise the value of your Bullhorn database and transform your recruitment process. Schedule a discussion or demo at Engage London 2019, with one of our experts, by filling out this form.

Not able to make it to Engage London 2019 this year? No worries, sign up for a DaXtra Demo here.