Reduce unconscious bias by anonymizing resumes with DaXtra Styler

DaXtra Styler is a CV formatting tool that enables you to anonymise candidate CVs and automate your CV processing tasks.

How does DaXtra Styler anonymise CVs?

With DaXtra Styler, you can set templates to remove candidates' personal information from your CVs, such as their name, gender and education details. 

These templates allow you to anonymize sensitive information on candidate CVs to help mitigate unconscious bias in your recruitment process and improve DE&I within your organisation. 

In addition, with sensitive candidate information redacted, you help ensure that candidates are evaluated fairly based on their skills and qualifications.

How does DaXtra Styler format CVs?

Alongside anonymising sensitive candidate information, DaXtra Styler can also be used to automate tedious CV formatting tasks that reduce the administrative burden of your recruitment processes.

For example, automating tasks such as adding a cover sheet to your CVs allows you to spend more time taking and building relationships with candidates and less time on admin.

Improve DE&I and reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process with DaXtra Styler.

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